Lux Super Gloss - Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant w. Foam Applicator/Polishing Pad - CarCarez Auto Detailing Products and Car Wash Supplies
Lux Super Gloss - Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant w. Foam Applicator/Polishing Pad - CarCarez Auto Detailing Products and Car Wash Supplies
Lux Super Gloss - Leather, Vinyl, and Rubber Protectant w. Foam Applicator/Polishing Pad - CarCarez Auto Detailing Products and Car Wash Supplies

Lux Super Gloss - Leather, Vinyl, & Rubber Protectant w. Foam Applicator/Polishing Pad


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Lux Super Gloss - Leather, Vinyl, & Rubber Protectant (16oz)

Molecularly engineered to provide long lasting protection against damaging effects of UV rays. Using an advanced emulsification process, our protectant is able to bind and cling to any applied surfaces while restoring and retaining essential oils, vital to plastics, rubber and vinyl. This product can also be used to obtain a dark glossy finish on your tires. Use applicator or brush to apply cream on desired surfaces.

  • Water based advanced protective and retaining essential oils, vital to plastic, rubber and vinyl
  • Ideal for application on tires, trim and dashboard 
  • Leaves long lasting gloss on tires and plastic surfaces
  • Simply use applicator or brush to apply (No buffing required)

Kit Also Includes: 
Foam Applicator & Polishing Pad (Large)
The ultimate handheld foam applicator and polishing pad. Made from professional grade polishing foam that evenly applies coats of waxes and sealants and an added EVA layer to increase grip and comfort, this pad is the ideal piece of kit to apply waxes, lotions, and gels. Safe for use on your vehicle's body, wheels, and leather upholstery; easily remove minor swirls and scratches without the need for polish.

Following our care and usage instructions help ensure that you get the maximum performance and life-span of our products! Not to worry, proper care for our products is surprisingly easy.

Microfiber, Polyamide, and Cotton Towels:
All of our towels can be machine washed and dried with the exception of our Chamois and Polyamide towels.

Just remember the following rules:
1. Do not use fabric softeners
2. Do not use bleach
3. Do not use heat - air/hang-drying is best, however it is also acceptable to machine dry with low or no-heat. 
4. Do not use dryer sheets

Other Notes:
- It's best practice to wash and dry microfiber with other microfiber, however if you wish to use a mixed loads, wash and dry with other non-linting synthetics and avoid anything made with cotton as the microfiber will grab on any loose lint. 
- Adding fabric softener or dryer sheets can increase softness but also impair any moisture wicking and antibacterial/odor control properties as they deposit waxy agents on the surface of fabrics to achieve added softness. 
- Use a mild clean-rinsing detergent. Powder laundry detergent often leaves behind soapy residue in fabric, while many liquid detergents contain strong perfumes and fabric softeners right inside the detergent. While this may be ideal for clothes, it is considered detrimental to washcloths. 

Chamois & Polyamide Towels: These cloths are meant to be used damp. They never need to be dried (only wrung out) even when being stored. Should the towel dry up (and stiffen), simply give it a quick soak and wring before using it again. If a simple rinse is not able to remove stuck on dirt or residue simply machine or hand wash it with soap and water. Do not use fabric softener. Do not machine dry. 

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