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Scrub & Shine All-in-One Car Wash Kit (13 Piece Kit) - CarCarez


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Bundle and Save with our CarCarez Foam & Shine Car Wash Kit: our premium all-in-one foam spray car wash kit that goes beyond the basics. Probably best to have a hose available for this one if you know what we're saying! This custom curated 13 piece kit was assembled with the ultimate wash experience in mind, use our professional grade foam gun, wrap around flow-thru brush head, amongst other popular items such as our premium chenille mitts, 100% polyamide shammy, coral fleece towels, and a other items we know you'll enjoy!

Each Ride Fresh Wash Kit includes:

  • Multi-Purpose Foam Gun w. 900ml Bottle: Produced to professional standards utilizing premium brass joints and perfect-fit rubber seals to prevent any leakage and ensure a watertight fit. The 0-5 adjustment allows for easy control the concentration of foam while refined internal components allow for the optimal mixture of water and air, meaning less detergent and more foam. 
  • 12" Flow-Thru Brush Head w. Adjustable Pole & On/Off Switch (1.3'-5 ft. Extension): Ultra-fine feather-tipped polypropylene bristles gently clean any surface ensuring the ultimate scratch-free experience while the unique wrap-around design offers maximum reach and superior cleaning abilities for those hard to reach places.
  • 2-in-1 Telescopic Chenille Car Wash Mop w. Removable Wash Mitt (1.75-3.75 ft. Extension): This 2-in-1 solution makes it easy for you to clean, wash, and wipe any part of your vehicle; while also saving you from straining yourself to get to those awkward spots. Perfect interior windshield cleaning tool. 
  • 3-in-1 Microfiber & Chenille Wash Mitt: Our 3-in-1 wash mitt easily absorbs soap and shampoo while evenly dispersing it as you clean. Long Nap Microfiber Chenille: for absorbing soaps & shampoos and non-abrasive to paint and finishes. Premium Microfiber: for gently scrubbing away stuck-on gunk and dirt. Nylon Bug Sponge Mesh: for removing even the nastiest bug splatters. Safe for use wet or dry.
  • Chamois "Shammy" Workhorse Towel (24"x35", 100% Polyamide): Made out of 100% premium polyamide this towel is able to hold up to 10 times its weight in liquid and dries quickly after being wrung out. Enjoy a spot-free, lint-free drying experience with the added benefit of being antibacterial, antistatic and moisture wicking.
  • Edgeless Coral Fleece Microfiber Towel -  16"x16", 450GSM (4 Towels): Our top-selling premium 70/30 microfiber blend with an extremely high adsorption capacity and fibers that easily trap and lock in dirt and dust.
  • Diamond Weave Microfiber Glass Cleaning Towel - 14"x18", 260GSM (2 Towels): professionally engineered with a light-weight extra-tight diamond weave design in order to minimize surface friction, allowing it to easily glide over any surface, and superior absorption when it comes to cleaning glass, windows, or other mirrored surfaces.
  • Grit Guard/Washboard Bucket Insert: Fully chemical resistant, this accessory sits at the bottom of your wash bucket and acts as a washboard to remove any abrasive grit and debris from your wash mitt. Say goodbye to unwanted scratches and swirls caused by contaminants stuck to your wash mitt & towels.
  • CarCarez Premium Auto Soap - 16oz Bottle: Specially formulated to eliminate dirt, grime and environmental contaminants lifting away stubborn road grime and dirt. CarCarez pH-neutral super concentrated (1:256 Dilution Ratio) wash and shine formula is safe for use on all vehicle surfaces including paint, rubber, vinyl, glass & plastics.

Our products are extremely versatile and are often designed to be used for multiple other detailing purposes as well. From cleaning body panels, engine bays, and much more. Click on the item names to learn more about what each product can do for you!

Kit items listed above are implied to be single quantity items unless otherwise stated and therefore may not match quantities listed on individual product pages.

Following our care and usage instructions help ensure that you get the maximum performance and life-span of our products! Not to worry, proper care for our products is surprisingly easy.

Microfiber, Polyamide, and Cotton Towels:
All of our towels can be machine washed and dried with the exception of our Chamois and Polyamide towels.

Just remember the following rules:
1. Do not use fabric softeners
2. Do not use bleach
3. Do not use heat - air/hang-drying is best, however it is also acceptable to machine dry with low or no-heat. 
4. Do not use dryer sheets

Other Notes:
- It's best practice to wash and dry microfiber with other microfiber, however if you wish to use a mixed loads, wash and dry with other non-linting synthetics and avoid anything made with cotton as the microfiber will grab on any loose lint. 
- Adding fabric softener or dryer sheets can increase softness but also impair any moisture wicking and antibacterial/odor control properties as they deposit waxy agents on the surface of fabrics to achieve added softness. 
- Use a mild clean-rinsing detergent. Powder laundry detergent often leaves behind soapy residue in fabric, while many liquid detergents contain strong perfumes and fabric softeners right inside the detergent. While this may be ideal for clothes, it is considered detrimental to washcloths. 

Chamois & Polyamide Towels: These cloths are meant to be used damp. They never need to be dried (only wrung out) even when being stored. Should the towel dry up (and stiffen), simply give it a quick soak and wring before using it again. If a simple rinse is not able to remove stuck on dirt or residue simply machine or hand wash it with soap and water. Do not use fabric softener. Do not machine dry. 

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Special Circumstances

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  • Products that were not purchased directly from CarCarez (such as from Amazon, eBay, online sites, garage sales, etc. Those sellers have your money, not us)
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